Spring River Artists Guild
Luanne Stone
My art career started sometime around 3rd grade when I won a art contest during a rainy recess when we couldn't go outside to play. I drew and colored my way into an art major at the University of Illinois, but then art took a back seat, to my family and 'real' job.
When I retired more than 30 years later, I began looking for something to do, I joined a decorative painting club which inspired me to pursue many different kinds of art with different mediums and methods. I always had loved the look of watercolors, but I was afraid to try this difficult medium until I had a little painting experience under my belt. Once I gave it a try, I was hooked.
Watercolor is such a fluid medium and it portrays light like nothing else. This keeps me trying things and experimenting. Always trying to show the beauty I see in the world. Painting has taken me to many new experiences and places that I never even knew were out there. I try to bring this joy and excitement out in my work. It is just plain fun. I hope you can see that too.